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welcome wildlings! I’m Karina, owner and Creator of WILD Botanicals. I'm an Earth lover, an avid believer in the power of nature and I'm passionate about living a natural and environmentally aware lifestyle.

My mothers’ belief in natural remedies has inspired my own passion for healing with nature, a passion I endeavour to show to my own two daughters. Growing up, my mother used effective and natural homeopathic remedies and showed me nature's power to heal our bodies inside, and out.

She also taught me about the chemicals and synthetic ingredients that are used in our cosmetics and personal skincare products and the potential they had to make us very sick . Our shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, body lotions and even toothpastes all contain toxic ingredients that are being absorbed into our bloodstream. She still encourages me to research ingredients .

As a teenager, the natural skincare products available at the time were not very appealing. I used them for awhile, then went back to the mainstream, chemical filled products. It wasn't until I had my first child that I started using natural products again.

When my second child developed some skin problems, I started researching natural ingredients and the benefits they had for our skin. I then started to develop products for my kids and myself, then for family and friends, experimenting with different organic oils and butters. With all the positive feedback and great results, I decided to start the process of going into business for myself and developing my first line of products for Wild Botanicals™.

I love creating my own natural products for skincare, aromatherapy and around the home and these creations are what turn into products for Wild Botanicals™. All the products I develop have been used by myself, my family and friends and that's how I know they are safe and effective, because I simply would not sell any product that I wouldn't use or trust myself.


With love