wild botanicals skincare isn't like other products - we go back to the old fashioned basics of a head-to-toe regime

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How to use Wild Botanicals Washes

Wild Botanicals complete body washes can be used from head to toe. Yeah, seriously, from head to toe. Not only is our complete body wash beautiful to use all over your body, you can use it as a shampoo as well. Just wet your hair thoroughly, rub a small amount of Wild Botanicals complete body wash in your hands and work into your scalp. Rinse and repeat if needed. Our complete body wash is perfect to use as a face wash too. You only need a tiny amount, work into a lather on your finger tips or washer, apply to your face then rinse clean. One product to do the job of three. That’s Wild.

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How to use Wild Botanicals Lotions

Our exquisite lotions are perfect for all over the body use. Specially formulated to be light, easily absorbed and highly moisturising, our Wild Botanicals body lotions are lovely when used on your body, face, hands and feet. Not only are our lotions great for your skin, they are excellent to use as a leave in conditioner. Just apply a small amount to the ends of your hair for a conditioning boost or rub some into your hands then apply to tame your wild locks.



Got some questions? Check out our frequently asked questions below. If you have a enquiry not answered here or on our website, contact us here.

Q1. Why isn't my Complete Body Wash foaming up?

When using our Complete Body Wash as a shampoo, make sure your hair is wet thouroghly. Add a small amount of product to your hands ( roughly 20c coin), make a lather in your hand then rub through your hair, massaging into your scalp. Keep adding water to your hair as you massage. Rinse thouroghly through your hair, and if necessary, repeat. You should get a better lather up on your second wash.

Q2. Why are my products only lighly scented?

Our products are scented using organic essential oils, not synthetic fragrances and we use the maximum amount recommended for children and pregnant woman. Although the scent might seem light, especially compared to synthetic fragrances, you will definately be benefitting from its powerful efffects through aborsorption and inhalation.

Q3. Why isn't there water in the ingredients list?

There are so many organic skincare products available today that list their first (and main) ingredient as water. At Wild Botanicals, we are proud to say that our major ingredients are herbal based extracts. This is not only better for your skin and body but gives you better value for your money. We are proud of the ingredients we use and encourage everyone to take a closer look at the ingredients list on all products.

Q4. Why is the essential oil so far down the ingredient list? Shouldn't it be on the top?

Essential oils are very potent, as they are highly concentrated extracts of the plant from which they are obtained. It takes roughly 30 roses to produce just one drop of essential oil. When we use essential oils in our products, we use the maximum amount recommended by experts to guarantee the safety and effectiveness of the oils themselves and our products. At Wild Botanicals, we spend a great deal of time researching the best essential oil to use in our products, ensuring that they are safe, effective and beneficial. The essential oils we use not only scent our products, they have a holistic purpose as well. So even though they appear in small amounts, they are essential to the synergy all Wild Botanical products.

Q5. How long should the Wild Pack last my family of four?

One 250ml bottle of Wild Botanicals Complete body wash, used as a shampoo, body wash and face wash lasts my two daughters and myself just over 4 weeks and a 250ml bottle of Wild Botanicals body lotion, used all over body and face, lasts about the same.

Q6. Why are your labels and bottles see-through?

In short, because we have nothing to hide. We love our products and are proud of the beautiful botanical ingredients that goes into them, so we thought going see-through would be the best way to show off our awesome products and really convey our message that we are the real-deal. Certified organic skincare that's good on you.

Wild fact: We hand label all our products in-house. Having ethically made, see through labels meant we had to hand label every single product that leaves HQ. With our gorgeous labels, I would have to say it's absolutley worth it.