Essential Oils - What are the Benefits?


There are many benefits to using essential oils. Essential oils are natural, with an array of beautiful and diverse scents provided by nature. Not only do they smell amazing, they also work on a physical and emotional level. Different essential oils provide many properties including antibacterial, antifungal, antispasmodic, astringent, sedative and decongestant, which are used to alleviate many health symptoms.


They can also work on our emotional side too, with different essential oils having an effect on our mood and helping with depression, anxiety, nervous tension and sleep disorders. You can use specific essential oils by themselves or create blends to harmonise and complement each other to target specific ailments.

At Wild Botanicals, we use essential oils not only for their beautiful scents, but for their therapeutic properties as well. We have researched the essential oil we use to make sure they are appropriate for use on specific skin types and age restrictions to provided perfect blends that complement our products for maximum effect.

Wild Tip: I not only use essential oils in my skincare routine, I use it in my home made cleaning products and in aromatherapy diffusion around my home.

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