Wild Tips for an enjoyable bath time


It may sound like an easy task, but sometimes bath time can be a daunting experience (for both parent and baby).  

Here are our tips to make bath time a little less stressful.

  • Have everything ready to go and in easy reach. That is, baby’s towel, washer, bath wash and oil, change of clothes, moisturiser and nappy laid out

  • Try to pick your moments for bathing your baby. Maybe an hour after their nightly feed so they are content but not too full.

  • Check temperature. Use your elbow to dip into water to check temp. Bub only needs a warm bath so make sure the temperature is comfortable, and not going to burn their precious skin

  • Wash gently – this might seem obvious, but you only need to wipe gently over baby’s delicate skin. Start with the face. Use different corners of the wash for each eye. (clean, soap free part of washer) and remember to wash the fold of the neck. Hair should be last so they don’t cool down quickly from wet hair

  • When washing hair be aware of the soft spot on bubs head.

  • Clean and dry carefully around umbilical cord  

  • Even if you baby is enjoying the bath, remember that the bath water can cool down quickly

  • When lifting your baby out of the bath, it’s a good idea to have firm grip with your fingers around one thigh as babies can be very slippery when they are wet.

  • Gently place your baby into a towel and pat dry. If bub is comfortable, this is a nice time to use an oil or a lotion to give your baby a gentle massage and have some bonding time.

Hopefully these tips can help you and your baby have an enjoyable bath time experience.  Even if, on the rare occasion, your little Wildling surprises you with a number 2 directly after a bath, massage and fresh, clean nappy 😉

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